Hier kann alles was nichts mit Alfa Romeo zu tun hat gepostet werden.
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Re: AUDI-Thread

Beitrag von jag_rip » 18 Mär 2014, 10:02

Offenbar plant Audi USA die Hipsterschicht anzusprechen für ihren neuen A3... :mrgreen: inklusive 64 seitigem "underground-coolness-guide" damit die Aktion nicht peinlich in die hosen geht, da die Garagisten selbstverständlich keine Ahnung haben was das für kunden sein werden.. :sisi ... 1540448632

Auszüge daraus:

We strongly encourage you to find attendees outside of your current owner base by reaching out to upscale, hip gathering places such as restaurants or galleries and extending an invitation to their social circles.

The music should be:
• Cutting edge
• Refined
• Hip
• Relaxed
• Diverse, eclectic
• Upbeat
• Niche
• Curated
The music should not be:
• Dated
• Top 40
• Explicit/offensive
• Aggressive
• Intense

The DJ should be well-established, convey the appropriate “cool-factor,” and be willing to play a selection of relevant music using the A3 launch Spotify playlist as a guide.

This target audience likely shops local, supports local businesses, and buys organic. This is something to factor into your decisions regarding food and drink. Consider partnering with a “niche,” farm-to-table type restaurant that offers resh/organic cuisine with unique pairings of flavors and textures.



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